UltiM8™ - NEW ShutterMATE

Tool-head & dual sleeved turner arm
This NEW bit of kit allows you to open roller shutters by combining the NEW innovative parts to the existing component parts of the ULT. An additional item will also be added at a later date which utilizes the motorised option.

UltiM8™ - MultiGRiP®

An exciting new addition to UltiM8™ Tools family, introducing the multi-functional, universal MultiGRiP®. Designed specifically for the more discerning Locksmith & Public Sector Law enforcement agencies and the like, it saves time, reduces training needs & overcomes most challenges quickly & efficiently. The MultiGRiP® has been designed to change shape under light pressure, therefore moulding itself around many thumb-turns and other security applications; it’s literally ingenious.

UltiM8™ - ButtonBUDDY

Another innovative tool-head for the AWESOME UltiM8™ Letterbox Tool. Don’t get caught out with high security auto-deadlocking ‘push button’ handles, simply use the handier than handy, smarter than smart, canny ButtonBUDDY&trade set. Designed to work with component parts of your existing kit, it’ll help to get you in swiftly, and of course with no damage; GETin®

UltiM8™ - NEW LeverFORCE

Pry Bars/Spades
On uPVC doors sometimes a little force can be more advantageous & a tad quicker method of entry than your trusty UltiM8™ Letterbox Tool; but only sometimes, but it doesn’t mean the door has be smashed in completely. The LeverFORCE™ method means that you’re able to lift, prise & create a curvature in the door, which allows you to overcome the security fast & efficiently.

UltiM8™ - Wireless Camera Kit

Now you can see everything in clear, quality, real time digital imaging thanks to the UltiM8
You can pan, tilt, focus & even record what you're doing with the SD card facility provided on the digital camera.

"Looking from the 'outside in' has never been so clear"

NO MORE blurry pictures. Now you can see from the 'outside in' like you've never seen before. With a crystal clear 2 inch Mini DVR colour LCD screen, a one touch push 'n' start & an amazing recording function, you can be sure that you'll never miss a trick.

  • Date & Time Stamp Recording
  • Motion Detection Recording
  • Directional & Focus Ability
  • Additional Spy Hole Fittings
  • Removable SD Card Functions
  • Easy Push & Start
  • Playback Recordings on TV or PC
  • Interchangeable Language Settings
  • Microphone • Up to 1040 Mins of Recording Time

UltiM8™ - The Gooseneck

The 'GOOSEneck' Tool-Head is an amalgamation of parts that enable users to bypass difficult to reach situations including slim-line letterboxes. By using a number of individual component parts, you’re able to make-up the 'GOOSE'neck tool-head, which then permits very fine incremental adjustments to both the length & the angle of the tool, allowing you to do jobs that no other tool of its type can.