UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths - The UltiM8™ Brisant Lock Pick

Now you can GETin® to a high security Brisant Lock in under 5 seconds flat, & if that wasn't good enough, you can do it blind folded, in the dark, with your eyes closed and of course, your back turned too. Although this great lock pick was designed to be individually picked, we've found that a quick jiggle works wonders, and bounces it open quicker than quick. This funky lock pick opens both the Ultion & D Section Locks; another innovative first for the industry from UltiM8™ Tools.

UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths - The UltiM8™ 5iO ISEO Lock Pick

Now, those of you that like value for money are going to love this clever little lock pick, as it opens 5 different types of lock including the R6, the R6+, the R7 GERDA, the R9 & the R11, so long as the blade that's used is the Silca IE26 blade. The lock can be opened in as little as 1 minute, which makes your life easier than ever.

UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths - The UltiM8™ ABS Lock Pick

Another industry first from UltiM8™ Tools, introducing the one & only, ABS lock pick. Opens lock in as little as 10 seconds! Designed to rake & pick open the high security, ABS 3 Star, Anti Pick, Anti-Bump Lock, which has the secure by design, diamond rated status. So my friends, there's no need to be afraid of ABS anymore. It's still a very good lock and still rated by us as one of the best high security locks out there.

UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths - The UltiM8™ Mul-T Lock Garrison Lock Pick

One of our most popular lock picks & auto locksmiths best friend. The Garrison lock pick picks open in around 5 minutes, giving you extra time. We also have additional new blades on the way.

UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths - The UltiM8™ Locks4Vans Lock Pick

Literally a 5 minute wonder, the fastest moving of our innovative lock picks, the Locks4Vans lock pick, picks in 5 minutes & like all of our products, comes with a how-to video conveniently supplied on a USB stick. Now there's no excuse for not adding Auto Locksmithing to your long list of can-do's.

UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths - The UltiM8™ ABS Avocet Pioneer Lock Pick

A very simple to use lock pick which gets you into an Avocet Pioneer Lock in under 60 seconds, giving you all the time you need.

UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths - The UltiM8™ Ezcurra Lock Pick

This handy little lock pick overcomes one of our European Locks, fast spreading across the country. The Ezcurra lock pick opens the lock in under 1 minute, leaving you with all the time in the world.

UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths - The UltiM8™ Yale Superior Millenco MAGNUM Lock Pick

Although we have a working lock pick, it can take a little longer to GETin® than most of our other quicker than quick lock picks so we're working on it. Why not give us a shout if you want further by clicking the logo at the top of the page.