UltiM8 Tools offers two types of training

1. We believe that training is just as important as using the very best quality tools. All of our tools come fully equipped with a little powerful Memory stick, which comes packed with around 100 training videos.

The instructional videos, give you a 'step-by-step' guide in using your tool/s. Each memory stick contains information on all our tools currently sold but watch this space as our product development team are releasing new products all the time.>

2. UltiM8 Tools also offers in-house training where we instruct not only by showing, but also by use the tools 'first-hand'. We provide all the training equipment & tools needed for you to practice the methods of entry of your choice, either individually or as a team.

Training courses start from as little as one day slots. In-house training is backed up with both digital & hard copy documentation.

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