UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths

The Phone Holder

The handier than handy, smarter than smart attachment for your UltiM8 Letterbox tool, fits directly into the handle with a nifty ‘PushnClic’ action & comes as standard with the Black XL Scorpion Letterbox Kit & as a separate item if you’ve purchased the entry level Letterbox tool.
Designed to hold most types of phone, it’s positioned right where you need it most! No more messing around with a manual add-on camera, just use the camera you carry around with you every day, your phone!

Used in conjunction with you UltiM8 Endoscope & APP for your phone, you’ll be up and running in a flash, using WOTiWOTM technology (Working on the inside whilst outside). And because we’re a thoughtful bunch, we’ve added SQUIDGY FOAM pads on the adjustable sliding bars, just so that your prized phone won’t get scratched.