UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths

The UltiM8 ABS Lock-Pick

There’s no need to worry about manually inserting individual magnets with this AWESOME Lock-Pick, as once the innovative Pick-Blades are inserted into the lock, they ‘pick’ the magnet pins INSTANTLY! The Pick-Blades have also been engineered to also overcome any ‘deep-cuts or lowest pin heights’ too without you having to do anything barring inserting the blade in the lock, which means when it comes to picking, raking or bumping, the lock is ALREADY HALF PICKED.

The long awaited ‘V2’ ABS Lock-Pick from UltiM8 Tools, offering superior opening times, opening an ABS Lock literally in seconds. Offering unique ‘3inOne’ picking options, the UltiM8 ABS Lock-Pick simply rakes open but also ‘bounces’ or manually picks too. The stronger hardened ‘pick blades’ have been modified to make them even quicker than before!