UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths

The UltiM8 Yale SUPERIOR/Millenco Magnum Lock-Pick

Another industry first from UltiM8 Tools; the UltiM8 Yale SUPERIOR Millenco Magnum Lock-Pick. Another AWESOME Lock-Pick, with the legendary ‘half-pick’ blades. Once they’re inserted into the lock, they ‘pick’ the ‘deepest pins’ INSTANTLY due to the highly engineered/hand-crafted shape, which means when it comes to picking, the lock is ALREADY HALF PICKED!

The UltiM8 Yale SUPERIOR Millenco Magnum Lock-Pick is designed to overcome all versions of the Lock/cylinder & if you’re worried about the ‘active side-pins’, we’ve got that covered too. Simply insert one of the handy picks and lift out the pins quickly, simply by following the highlighted ‘guides’ on the pick.

This lock-pick also comes supplied with a FREE 16GB USB memory stick, which is fully loaded with useful instructional/How2 videos to help you master not only the Yale SUPERIOR Millenco Magnum, but other high-security cylinders too. There’s also an array of other Lock-picking & Locksmith videos together with other bonus ‘How2’ material too!