UltiM8™ Tools for Locksmiths

The Garrison Lock-Pick

This uniquely designed Universal Dimple Pick from Ultimate picks open the Garrison can open a wide range of Garrison locks including high-security euro locks rim locks, oval cylinders, padlocks and bullet locks, which also includes Van Locks to name just a few applications.

The Lock-Pick Blades ‘HALF- PICK’ the lock for you INSTANTLY

Once the innovative Pick-Blades are inserted into the lock, they INSTANTLY ‘pick’ any ‘deep-cuts or lowest pin heights’ too without you doing anything, which means when it comes to picking, raking or bumping, the lock is ALREADY HALF PICKED.

This lock-pick also comes supplied with a FREE 16GB USB memory stick, which is fully loaded with useful instructional/How2 videos to help you master not only the Garrison lock but other high-security cylinders too. There’s also an array of other Lock-picking & Locksmith videos together with other bonus ‘How2’ material too.


“A ‘must-have’ for anyone serious about 1st class workmanship & outstanding customer service